30 Days of Christmas Fun

30 Days of Christmas Fun 30 Days of Christmas Fun


Tis the season to be jolly!

Here are 30 Days of Christmas Fun you can enjoy with your loved ones:

1.  Bake Christmas cookies together.

Some of our favorites are homemade frosted cut-out sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread man cookies, snicker doodles, and peanut butter blossoms.

2.  Deck the Halls.

Have a family Christmas decorating party. I love looking at the ornaments and decorating the tree with our daughters. We turn on the Christmas music, enjoy hot chocolate and talk about the significance of the ornaments as they come out of the storage container.

3.  Go sledding!

Grab the sled and go find a fun sledding hill in your neighborhood, or better yet, do an online search for local tubing hot spots. There's one in our area we will definitely be trying out this Christmas season.

4.  Build a Snowman.

Actually, build a Snow Family. Don't forget the carrot noses, buttons for the eyes, some twigs for arms and a few scarfs and hats. icon smile 30 Days of Christmas Fun Don't forget to take a picture. If you get plenty of snow early enough this could even make for an awesome Christmas card photo!

5.  Have a snowball fight.

This is a great way to finish the snowman building party.

6.  Arrange to have breakfast with Santa.

Check your local organizations to see if this is offered in your community. If it isn't, create a new tradition in your home. Who do you know that would make a good Santa? icon smile 30 Days of Christmas Fun

7.  Drive around one evening looking at Christmas lights.

This is actually a really cool thing to do after church service on Christmas Eve. It's one of our family traditions.

8.  Start a 12 Days of Christmas Tradition.

This can become a fun family event, like 12 Days of Blessing Others.  Or you can do something special just between you and your husband - perhaps a very intimate 12 Days of Sexy Dress Up Nights gift for your man? I promise he'll think it's the best gift you've ever given him!

9.  Watch a Hallmark Christmas movie.

If you haven't done this before, I recommend it! I actually like to record several of the Hallmark channel Christmas shows and watch one each day leading up to Christmas. They're great chick-flicks!

10.  Put on some Christmas music and dance!

This is fun to do anytime of the year, just change the music to match the season - or not.

11.  Make reindeer food to sprinkle on the lawn on Christmas Eve.

We usually mix some dry oatmeal packets with glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. When we feel creative, we add sprinkles too. It's just a fun little tradition the kids enjoy.

12.  Set up a hot cocoa bar in the kitchen.

You'll need some fun toppings like whipped cream, colored sugar, sprinkles, candy canes, chocolate chips or shaved chocolate, and anything else totally delicious and awesome you can think of. Let the kids fix up their own toppings, cause that's the most exciting part of this event.

13.  Go Christmas shopping.

I personally prefer to shop Amazon Prime rather than standing in long lines or fighting the crowds, but with the right shopping partner and attitude, it can be a lot of fun. I suppose...

14.  Build a gingerbread house.

This is another family tradition of ours. Actually it's a daddy-daughter tradition in our home. I buy the supplies, but my husband and daughters meet in the kitchen to build it together. Last year we built a gingerbread train instead of house.

15.  Ride the Polar Express.

I don't know much about this yet. We are scheduled to ride the Polar Express very soon. My understanding is that it's a two hour train ride that sort of reenacts events from The Polar Express movie. Kind of excited to see how it is.

16.  Go Skiing.

Plan it and go. This can be a great family day enjoying the snow and slopes!

17.  Operation Christmas Child.

Get together with family and friends and pack some boxes of Christmas goodies to brighten a child's Christmas. The mission of Samaritan's Purse is to give aid to the world's poor, suffering and sick by providing food, medicine and other assistance all in the name of Jesus Christ. These Christmas boxes of goodies will be sent to children in need.  This is definitely worth checking out.

18.  Read Christmas books.

A few favorites around here are: The Night Before Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Legend of the Three Trees (I really love this one!), The Legend of St. Nicholas, and much more.

19.  Host a Holiday Dinner or Party for Friends.

Don't forget the Eggnog!

20.  Deliver surprise goody bags to neighbors and friends.

This is always fun to do. Gather the kids around and fill up some Christmasy looking goody bags. Put little Christmas candies inside and anything else you think might be fun. Then deliver them to a few select family, friends or neighbors houses. Leave the bag with a special note on the front step. Ring the doorbell. Then run before they answer the door so they don't see who left the goodies. icon smile 30 Days of Christmas Fun Yes, I realize what this teaches the kids, but it's all in good fun. Live a little.

21.  Go to an Advent Workshop (check local churches in your area)

Often times these workshops are great inspiration for a few homemade gift ideas and are just plain good old fashioned lady fun. Moms, take your daughters with you.

22.  Play Christmas Games

Here's a link full of ideas for this fun day.  http://spoonful.com/christmas/christmas-games

23.  Make Christmas crafts

If you have a Pinterest account, I'm sure you can easily find a gazillion ideas for this there, but if not, do a quick Google search for 'free Christmas craft ideas.' The hardest part of your search will be trying to decide which crafts to choose from. There are so many cute ideas out there.

24.  Work/Read through an Advent book as a family.

Sarah Mae's More Than Candy is a good choice.

25.  Go Christmas caroling.

Even if you aren't very good at singing, this can be a really fun thing to do when you visit 'safe' family and friends who aren't going to judge but will grin ear to ear and feel completely blessed by your efforts. Plus your kids will never forget it. (No, I have not done this with my kids - yet!)

26.  Read the story of Jesus' birth in the Bible.

I actually recommend the entire book of Luke (and Matthew, Mark, and John) because it's just full of God's glory and awesomeness.

27.  Get dressed up all fancy and go out for dinner.

Why not? My husband and I used to have a formal Christmas party we'd attend together for work, but his current employer doesn't have one of those so I think this year we're going to get all dressed up, dress up the kiddos too, and go out for a fancy meal.

28.  Get tickets to the Nutcracker or another festive seasonal show in your area.

I remember going to see Phantom of the Opera one year with my hubby and my dad. It was the coolest thing ever! And I'm not a big fan of Opera. It's just fun to get out and do something new and different.

29.  Make a new holiday recipe together.

Cruise through Pinterest with your kids and look for something fun to make together. You could even put together a whole meal of new recipes. Make sure they're festive for the season so it's an extra special family event.

30.  Track Santa.

Our family teaches 'Jesus is the reason for the season' first and foremost, but we do let our girls enjoy the mystery of Santa too. We know it won't last forever. In the meantime, we like to get them all excited by tracking Santa's flight path on Christmas Eve.

What have I missed? I'd love for you to share some of your Christmas fun ideas in the comments!

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 30 Days of Christmas Fun
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 30 Days of Christmas Fun

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