Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

I have three daughters. They are 25, 8, and 5.

This list is based on gifts I've either given one of them recently or plan to give in the near future. Hopefully some of these ideas will be helpful or inspiring as you determine the perfect gift for your daughter.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

Gift Ideas for Your Daughter Age 3-6


A totally cute sound machine to help her sleep: Cloud b Sleep On the Go Travel Sound Machine. My daughters both had this adorable little guy by the bedside to help them drift off to sleep each night when they were younger. We referred to him as "Lamby."

Because sometimes she wants to be the teacher: Pretend & Play School Set. This has been one of our most used play sets! It's seriously cute and such a hit with little girls.

Every little girl loves to listen to music and feel like she's a big girl: Apple iPod Shuffle.

Okay, I know some of you might be thinking this gift is a little "old" for your 3-6 year old, but honestly it's not. Did you ever have a Sony Walkman as a kid? I did. I loved it. This is a present day version of that. Plus it's a great way to teach your little girl to be responsible with a really cool gift that could easily be lost or damaged.

If she loves to color and get creative: Crayola Ultimate Art Supply Case. It's lightweight, fantastic storage for crayons and colored pencils, and is easy to carry around to wherever your daughter decides to plop down with her coloring books.

Gift Ideas for Your Daughter Age 7-10


A Mother Daughter Devotional Book: The One Year Mother-Daughter Devo by Dannah Gresh and Janet Mylin. This book has been such a blessing in our home. I read this with my 8 year old each evening before tucking her in for the night. It's prompted some awesome mother daughter chats on subjects we otherwise wouldn't have talked about.

Christian Music CD: 1 Girl Nation. I took my 8 year old to a recent Secret-Keeper Crazy Girl Hair Tour event and 1 Girl Nation was there singing as part of the event. My daughter LOVED their music, and so did I! It's good, wholesome Christian music with a great message in a fun upbeat girl band style.

A wall mural for her bedroom: Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful. I just love the message in this mural. It's something I want my girls to really embrace - that they can be their own kind of beautiful and don't need to follow the ways of the world and how society portrays beauty. What better way to be reminded of this wisdom than to see it on your bedroom wall every day?

Devotional Book: Jesus Calling - 365 Devotions for Kids. I've heard really great things about this book, but we don't currently have it yet. I'm hoping to move into this one as soon as we finish the Mother Daughter Devo.

She's growing up, and she wants music and games now: Apple iPod touch. (Sorry, I couldn't get a picture but if you click the link you'll see what they look like)

Yes, these are pricey, but as your daughter gets a little older, she will be able to handle it with care. We've given one of these to both my 8 year old and my 4 year old and they've had them for over a year without any breaks and only a few minor "whoops, I can't remember where I put my iPod" situations. Thankfully we found them - in the couch cushions. Lol!

Seriously though. They can listen to music, watch videos, play games and you can control what they have access to.

For your awesome artist: Crayola 200-piece Masterworks Art CaseWe gave one of these to my 8 year old for Christmas last year. She loves doing art and has kept this kit in impeccable condition. Since she doesn't want her little sister messing with it we have plans to get another one and give it to her sister for Christmas this year.

Gift Ideas for Your Daughter Age 11-14


A Secret Keeper Girl Book: 8 Great Dates for Moms and Daughters by Dannah Gresh. I just purchased this book at the Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour a month or so ago. We haven't started reading it or going on our dates together yet, but I'm very excited to start soon.

You will totally rock her world with this one: Apple iPad Mini.'s on the list this year. What can I say? My husband loves technology and he makes sure all of us are well equipped.

We actually plan to give one to our 8 year old, because we know it will be used for educational purposes as her school is now allowing them into the classroom. (Yes, this makes me a little bit nervous, but our daughter has proven to be very responsible with this kind of stuff so far.)

Does she have a cool study Bible yet? Try this one: Girls Life Application Study Bible NLT.

I highly recommend a good study Bible for every child. She may open the box and view it similar to a pair of socks, but it's truly one of the most valuable gifts you'll ever give your child. But don't stop there. Read it with her!

Your girl might truly appreciate some new jewelry. Two-Toned Sterling Silver with Yellow Gold Flashed Heart Center Cross Necklace.

Gift Ideas for Your Daughter Age 15-18

Because these just look so awesome and teenage girl cozy: Microfleece Nap Socks. Get them at your local Brookstone store. They'd make a lovely stocking stuffer.

She's been begging for one of these, hasn't she?: Apple iPhone.


An opportunity for her to journal what's on her heart and then offer encouragement to her girlfriends: Hot Chocolate with God - Beautifully Made Journal, Notes, and Gift Cards set. This is just too cool.

If you're just not sure because she's so picky or already has way too much stuff: Amazon Gift Card. You can't go wrong with this.


Gift Ideas for Your Young Adult Daughter

Christian Music CD:  WOW Hits 2014 Deluxe Edition. I get the latest WOW Hits CD every year. It's always on my Christmas list. The music is a nice Christian mix to help any young (or old) adult feel a little closer to their Creator.

A classy place to keep her smartphone: Cassie leather smartphone wallet. If you've never shopped at Red Envelope before you'll find all kinds of lovely things to choose from.

Every young woman loves to curl up with a blanket and a good book from time to time: Nap throw blanket. You can get it at Brookstone or on Amazon. We have one that we keep at the foot of our bed and I snuggle up in it almost every evening while hubby and I are catching up on the day's happenings. It's so soft and...wonderful!

She'd most definitely get use out of this: Apple iTunes gift card. Again, this is one of those gifts you seriously can't go wrong with.

What young woman doesn't love candles?: Cinnamon Caramel Swirl 3-wick candle. Bath and Body Works has some awesome seasonal candles on the shelves right now.

For her journal writing: Paper Mate Liquid Flair Medium Tip Felt Porous Pens. I have these pens and use them in my journal and when I'm noting things in my Bible. They are so smooth and gorgeous. If she loves writing, these will bless her sense of creativity so much. I'm even planning to tuck a pack of these in my 8 year old's stocking this year because she's always trying to use mine.


Because every woman needs a journal to pour her heart into: Cavallini Roma Lussa Leather Journal. I also have this journal and I love it! It's a 5 x 7 size, leather, and you can get it in different colors too, like red! :)



What did I miss? Do you  have a great idea you'd like to share? I'd love it if you would!

Happy Shopping!


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