Christmas Gift Ideas for the Grandparents

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Grandparents

With Christmas right around the corner, I thought it would be helpful to some of you if I offer some gift ideas here and there.

I've always had fun gift planning for my parents and my husband's parents. This year, sadly, will be much different for our family, as my husband's parents both passed away over the last 14 months. Things will certainly be quiet without their presence here on Christmas day. Thankfully, we still have my parents to shop for and spend time with.

Here are some old and new ideas we've had brewing that perhaps would be perfect for the grandparents in your life too.

Paint Your Own Pottery

Do a web search or check your local Yellow Pages for a Paint-Your-Own-Pottery studio in your area. When we lived in California, we would take our daughters to the local Color Me Mine pottery store and let them pick out their own piece of pottery to paint as a gift for grandma and grandpa.

My Father-in-law used to enjoy hiding quarters in his ears when my daughter wasn't paying attention. Then she'd find the quarter and start giggling. For a while there, he had her believing quarters were actually growing in his ears randomly. So she painted him a large pig piggy bank blue and wrote on the side of it "grandpa's quarters." He loved that gift from her.

My girls have also painted plates with their footprints and handprints on them as well as pretty picture frames. It's a lot of fun to take the family, pick out your own pottery, sit down at a table right there in the store, and paint it however you want using all of their paint supplies. You'll have to leave the pottery there for a week while they run it through their kiln. Then you pick it up when it's ready.

Plan this trip for late November or early December, particularly if you'll be mailing these items to arrive in time for Christmas.

Anything from SnapFish

Pictures have always been highly valued in our family. Grandparents love seeing their children and grandchildren in photographs, especially wallet size so they can show their family off when they run into old friends while out for Sunday breakfast. Just be sure they have a nice big one for their house too.

If you haven't used or browsed through before, I highly recommend you do. They have everything for the sentimental at heart and can personalize things too. We've done photo books, calendars, coffee mugs, refrigerator magnets, blankets, and more. We have never been disappointed and the pricing is very reasonable for the quality gift you'll be able to give.

This is also a very good option for those beautiful photo Christmas cards you've always wanted to send.

Family Videos

Look into making your own family DVD's. Every year my husband creates DVD's using all of the photographs and video from that year.

Using Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere Elements, he creates a special DVD photo slide show and edited video clips, adds music, creates a DVD case cover, and makes duplicate copies for each "family" we would normally buy for that would enjoy one.

These are always a big hit with the grandparents.

Get Away Together

Sometimes the best gifts are those where beautiful memories are made. If the grandparents are in reasonably good health, consider a family ski trip or go sledding together one day.

If you can afford it and everyone is up for it, escape to DisneyWorld for a week. Or drive to the beach!

The sky's the limit on a short get-away and as long as everyone enjoys each others company, these types of gifts are often very well received.

Check Out QVC

Believe it or not, there are some pretty awesome gift ideas running on QVC. My husband's parents would watch QVC regularly and would often buy Christmas gifts for the family and each other all year long.

I'll never forget the year they saw a great deal on 7' tall pre-lit Christmas trees being sold on QVC and called in an order for themselves, our family and my brother-in-laws family. That was the first time I'd ever had a Christmas tree shipped to me! Ha! And if it weren't for the Spring time flood we had in our basement two years ago, it would still be in very beautiful condition.

If you don't have time to watch QVC all day looking for the perfect gift idea, hop over to their website. Here's the link to their top rated gift items:

What Christmas gift ideas do you have? I'd love if you'd share what you're planning to give the grandparents in your life. I can always use more ideas! :)


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