Life Is Short

Walk-In-Faith Friday

Walk-In-Faith Friday

dreamstimefree 886487 800x533 300x199 Life Is ShortLife is short.  If you've lost a loved one, you know this truth all too well.  So the question I have for you today is this.

Are you living a life for God? 

If your life came to an end tomorrow, would you be able to say with confidence the people you left behind knew you loved them?

Would you be leaving a godly legacy for your loved ones to hang onto in their mourning…or one that would be passed on from generation to generation?

It's Walk-In-Faith Friday at Christian SuperMom!  Go fire up your teapot or coffee maker for a cup of delicious goodness while we dig into God's word.

Scripture Study:   Psalm 144:3-4

O Lord, what is man that you care for him, the son of man that you think of him?  Man is like a breath; his days are like a fleeting shadow. 

What Does This Mean?

(Life Application Study Notes)

Life is short.  David reminds us that it is "like a breath" and that our "days are like a fleeting shadow."  James says that our lives are a "mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes."  Because life is short, we should live for God while we have the time.  Don't waste your life by selecting an inferior purpose that has no lasting value.  Live for God - He alone can make your life worthwhile, purposeful, and meaningful.

My Lesson?

This passage really hits home with me lately.  Especially as I've been praying so much over finding balance in my life.    I really don't want to waste my life away simply striving to check one more accomplishment off my task list.  Maybe you recall a few Friday's ago I posted Baby Steps To Life Balance.

When I die, will any of those accomplishments really matter in Heaven?  Will the people I leave behind remember the time I spent with them or will they think about the frequent times they had to sit waiting on the back burner for me to finish "just one more thing…really quick."

What matters most is meaningful relationships.  A relationship with God.  A relationship with my husband.  A relationship with my children.  My parents.  My siblings.  My friends.  And anyone else God happens to put in my path.

God is love.  So love is what's most glorifying to Him.  Not accomplishments.  Not success.  Not money.  Just love.  Maybe that's ultimately the answer to my quest for balance.  Perhaps if I focus my heart on loving first, everything else will naturally find it's place.

A few days ago I attended a moms group meeting at our church.  The speaker, now a grandmother, delivered a powerful message to all of us young moms.   To paraphrase her message - love your children, laugh with them, act goofy sometimes…be fun-loving.  These moments are precious and you will never get them back.  Enjoy them now because they grow so fast. 

I think her advice is applicable to all of our relationships.   Since listening to her speak, I've asked myself multiple times, "did I laugh out loud today?  did I bring a smile to my daughter's face?  did I tell her how special and loved she is?  did I make sure my husband knows the passionate love I feel for him?  did I call a friend to say hello?  did I call my parents to check in on them?"

Life is so short.  I don't want a single moment to go by where I'm not working to leave behind the legacy of love.

How about you?  What's your take-away from this scripture study?  Share your lesson in the comments below so everyone reading this can benefit from seeing multiple points of view.

Let's Pray:  Father God, we love You and we thank You for bringing us together each Friday to bask in Your presence and learn more about how You want us to live.  Speak to each of us in our present circumstances and lead us through the power of The Holy Spirit, to balance our life in a way that is most glorifying to You and Your purpose.  We ask these things in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

~Until next time, may God bless you with a well-balanced and meaningful life!

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 Life Is Short
Rosann is wife to the man of her dreams and stay-at-home mom to two delightful little girls. Her heart's greatest passions are loving her family well, long-distance running, writing, and pretty much anything dark chocolate peanut butter. Rosann loves to encourage women whose husbands are in a season of unemployment, at her other website Her writing inspiration comes from a strong desire to glorify God while sharing the heart of her journey through a life of faith. She is also the Author of two books - UnEmployed Faith: Clothing Yourself in Strength and Perseverance Through his Season of Unemployment, and Refuel Your Inner SuperMom: A Practical Guide to Getting Your Groove Back.
 Life Is Short

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  1. Cindy Bultema

    What a great post Rosann! I love your questions..."did I laugh out loud today? did I bring a smile to my daughter's face? did I tell her how special and loved she is? did I make sure my husband knows the passionate love I feel for him? did I call a friend to say hello? did I call my parents to check in on them?" What powerful reminders...keeping first things first!
    I pray God blesses you this weekend with much joy, peace, and fun family moments!
    Sweet blessings
    Cindy :)

    • Rosann

      Cindy, thanks so much for stopping by. I always feel like it's such an honor to have YOU visit my blog. Like you're a celebrity or something. Oh, are almost a celebrity soon, right?! :) Lol! Thank you for the prayers of weekend blessings. I actually went to a women's retreat this weekend with my prayer warrior friends and was so so so blessed to be in their company. :)


  2. Pam from Two Loons and a Book

    My elderly mother lives with us because she is no longer capable of being on her own. I am reminded in this lesson today that it's not just important to care for her and make sure she's ok but also to go that extra step to make sure I make her smile and laugh every day and do more to help her feel valued and loved.

    What's so amazing is that just making someone smile or letting someone know you appreciate them doesn't take much effort at all and yet can have a huge impact.

    Thank you for the wonderful reminder.

    in Him,

    • Rosann

      Pam, thank you for your comment! I think you are absolutely right. Imagine the extra blessing you will be to your mother when she feels like you enjoy having her there. And what a blessing that God has given you extra time to share with her in such a close setting. My mother lives clear across the nation from me and I haven't seen her in two years (except via Skype).


  3. Kathy

    What stood out for me was the improtance of really being present and enjoying each moment that I can. Since we really don't know when our last breath will be, being reminded to love and have more fun is defienlty a great message! I also feel so much of it for me is an attiude shift, I can enoy and have fun when I'm running my errands or I can feel stressed out and put upon ( a feeling I'm pretty familar with). Thanks for a great post and a great reminder to just enjoy each moment of my life and be thankful for each breath!! Much love to you!! And, thank you for your lovely comments on my site, I always appreciate your thoughts and prayers!!! xoxo

    • Rosann

      Kathy, I'm so happy you found this post to be an encouraging reminder. It's not always easy for us busy women to have the attitude that tells us to live in the moment.

      Many blessings to you,

  4. Brae

    ugh. I have a huge problem with this. I have 4 kids and a blog and a home business and so on. And I want to do everything and know everything and I just need to learn that I cant. My kids take a lot of my priority already. But maybe that's not enough. Maybe they need to be even MORE priority. Thanks for reminding me.

    Here from voiceboks.

    • Rosann

      Brae, I appreciate your visit and comment. I think it's just natural for moms to have a lot to juggle. Then when you add in a blogging life or a home business it becomes that much more challenging. As long as we remember our family and God as the #1 priority, everything else should fall into place.


  5. expatmammy

    This is so true I tie myself in knot, trying to do everything, what i should be doing really is spending more time with my legacy.. my wee man & husband, they're what matter the most to me.x

  6. Shannon Milholland

    Great post! Oh how I want to make the most of every opportunity and day. I will ask myself your questions and know they will make a big difference!

  7. Sarah @ Loved Like the Church

    This is really convicting. I feel like I've started missing out on really being present with my kids {especially my oldest} lately. For a while my oldest and I were having "dates" but we've stopped doing that, and I can tell how it's having a bad effect on our relationship. We aren't connecting like we should and I'm getting more easily frustrated with her {she's very high needs when it comes to one on one time}. Thanks for the reminder that I need to be working on my relationship with her!

    • Rosann

      Sarah, you should check back here tomorrow. My blog post tomorrow is about my relationship with my oldest and how over the years I've felt she and I drifting apart, simply due to the demands of life getting in the way along with some difficult times during her temper tantrum phases (ages 2, 3, and 4). Maybe you'll be able to relate a little bit. I'm glad you felt this post was very convicting and a great reminder. :) Hope you are feeling well these days.


  8. Jackie

    Hi Rosann! Thanks so much for sharing your blog. I'm so happy you did because this was a powerful and much needed lesson :) Life really is short! And I love this scripture because David first recognized the HUGE significance in God taking the time to spend with us.. "O Lord, what is man that you care for him, the son of man that you think of him?" If an infinitely powerful, infinitely holy, (and infinitely busy, lol..) God can take the time to stop and think and care and spend time with us, yes even us, then I think it shows just how important it is for us to do the same for the ones we love likewise! Very good questions, and I am reminded to put first things first :)
    Awesome blog, btw!!

    • Rosann

      Jackie, thanks for your visit to my blog and for your comment. :)

      Many Blessings,

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