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Three years ago my life changed.  An event occurred that altered my existence and my future.  At nearly 8am on November 19th, Mark and I welcomed our beautiful daughter, Abigail Grace, into our world.  That was the morning I realized I was no longer a mommy to just one little princess, but God had actually trusted me to do this mommy thing a second time.

Today we are celebrating Abby's 3rd birthday!

DSC 0026 800x536 e1321646115359 Pretty Pirate Princess

Every day, I thank God for that privilege.   After I had Faith, I thought I could never love another child with as much love as I had for her.  She was my firstborn.  My little Mini-Me, and we were inseparable.  I love how God proved me wrong.  My heart is indeed capable of expanding to love my baby girl just as deeply as I love her big sister.

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Abby is also her own mini version of me.  Yet she is determined to be her own unique little person.  Here are a few things about her that I love and adore, even if they sometimes drive me "mommy insane."

I love her energy.  One would think she often has ants running around in her pants, because she's virtually unable to sit still.  There's always a leg kicking, and arm moving, or a butt wiggle going on.

IMG 2590 800x600 e1321646768306 Pretty Pirate Princess

I love to listen to her adorable voice singing the words of Christian music playing in our car…especially when she hums like a grown up through the instrumental sections of the song.

IMG 3745 800x600 e1321651749508 Pretty Pirate Princess

I love to watch her giggle playfully.

I love to watch her attempt to throw a temper tantrum, lacking the important serving of tears to go with it.

I love that when I put her on a timeout, she spends the first 30 seconds crying for show and then decides to entertain herself by either picking the paint off the wall or attempting to stand on her head.

IMG 6753 800x600 e1321650671787 Pretty Pirate Princess

I love her passion for puzzles, reading, crafts, and learning.

IMG 5221 800x600 e1321651827739 Pretty Pirate Princess

I love her sweet kisses and hugs.

IMG 6346 600x800 e1321650781343 Pretty Pirate Princess

I love that when she locked me in our basement, while I had food cooking on the stove, I heard her run up to the door giggling with delight as I was pounding on it and screaming for her to "open this door right now!"  She did open it, clearly not expecting the swat on the rear end she ended up with.

IMG 6363 600x800 e1321652021499 Pretty Pirate Princess

I love her fighting determination and that she's good at standing her ground and not being bullied.

I love how she struggles to pronounce the L sound, so she says "I wuv you mommy."  So cute!

I love watching her converse with extended family and friends.  She's not shy at all.

IMG 6692 600x800 e1321651980541 Pretty Pirate Princess

I love that she thinks she has a ten year old boyfriend, Alex, who "wuvs" her.  Alex is the son of one of our friends and could care less about Abby's little crush on him.

I love that in the middle of a mommy/daughter power struggle, she can make me laugh by saying "I've had enough of this nonsense!"  Hmmm…I wonder where she's heard that phrase before?

I love that no matter what she asks for or what our answer happens to be, she always follows her request with "Awww…pwetty piwate pweeze?!"

IMG 7149 800x715 e1321651560800 Pretty Pirate Princess

I love that she's the child who messes up her hair moments after I fix it all pretty, the child who insists on wearing rain boots with shorts, the child who smiles with glee while jumping across our couch - even while she's being yelled at to stop, the child who will reach across the table to steal my pickle when I'm not looking, the child who donated a can of soup during our church VBS program only to throw a screaming fit when we left the church without her soup, and the child who grins and asks "now can I go to pweeskool?" every time she uses the potty.

Abby has been such a beautiful blessing in my life and I am forever grateful to God for the gift of her presence in our family.

IMG 7693 600x8001 e1321651423388 Pretty Pirate Princess

Some days I think she is such a clown that she'll certainly grow up to be a comedian.  Other days I think she'll go on to be an actress because she's so good at being a little drama queen, and has the monkey-see-monkey-do routine down pat.

Just when I think I have her future career all figured out, she looks at me and says, "Mommy, I wanna be a Dinosauw Doctow when I gwow up."

IMG 6335 copy 800x5332 e1321651362150 Pretty Pirate Princess

I love you, Abby!  Happy Birthday to my pretty little pirate princess.

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 Pretty Pirate Princess
Rosann is wife to the man of her dreams and stay-at-home mom to two delightful little girls. Her heart's greatest passions are loving her family well, long-distance running, writing, and pretty much anything dark chocolate peanut butter. Rosann loves to encourage women whose husbands are in a season of unemployment, at her other website Her writing inspiration comes from a strong desire to glorify God while sharing the heart of her journey through a life of faith. She is also the Author of two books - UnEmployed Faith: Clothing Yourself in Strength and Perseverance Through his Season of Unemployment, and Refuel Your Inner SuperMom: A Practical Guide to Getting Your Groove Back.
 Pretty Pirate Princess

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  1. Erin

    This a beautiful post to your beautiful daughter! Love it! ;)

    • Rosann

      Thank you Erin!

  2. Caprice Fortenberry

    So sweet! She is a fantastic little girl!! I am pretty sure Alex is quite flattered that she calls him her boyfriend...

    • Rosann

      Lol! Caprice, I just think it's so funny that she has her mind made up that she loves Alex and he loves her. But then just this morning, she made some random comment about how she was in love "with those two pretty girls she saw at Red Robin" yesterday. Disturbing!! Lol! I think it's time to explain to her when we love, when we like, when we appreciate, etc...etc.... :-)


  3. Taunya

    Happy Birthday to your little gal! Visiting you from Vboks.

    • Rosann

      Thanks Taunya!

  4. Ali

    Love this post---all to familiar sentiments from a loving mother and beautiful child. Following you via VB.

    • Rosann

      Thank you Ali :-)

  5. Callie Feyen

    What a lovely tribute to your daughter! (My daughter was born Nov. 9, 2008, and she was my second as well. I agree that you can't imagine "loving another" until you are holding her in your arms.)

    • Rosann

      Callie, happy belated birthday to your little angel too! Thank you for the lovely comment. :-)


  6. Courtney P.

    Hello! I'm following you from VoiceBoks since you're a featured member this week! I'm following you through GFC, Facebook, and Twitter as well.

    I hope you're having a wonderful rest of your weekend!

    Much Love,
    Courtney P.

    P.S. She's beautiful. Happy birthday to her! :)

    • Rosann

      Thanks Courtney! It's so nice to connect with you through vB!


  7. Columba Lisa

    Awwwwww! What a darling character she is! I love this post - so descriptive, it really helps us know who she is. You are very blessed!
    I'm visiting the featured members from VoiceBoks - so glad I finally got a chance to stop by and say "hello"! I'm gradually getting back into the blogging groove. I always enjoy your posts - very uplifting to see a family with godly priorities!
    Love and blessings!

    • Rosann

      Lisa, thank you for the visit. I feel very honored, especially since I know you totally have your hands full these days. I saw that you had posted a new blog post recently and I'm sorry to be overdue on getting to your site to read it. I promise I'll be clicking over there really soon. Thank you for all your kind comments.


  8. Shannon Milholland

    What a sweet little princess. Adorable - just like her mommy!

    • Rosann

      Awww...Shannon, thank you! :-)


  9. Roxi Santiago

    Belated Happy Birthday to Abby! I love the photo of the two of you after delivery. Wish Jacob and I had one. Visiting from VB and following you! ;) Congratulations on being a featured member!

    • Rosann

      Thank you Roxi! We were looking at Abby's birth pictures in her baby book yesterday and she was commenting over and over about how her face was all red. It made me realize it might be time to start talking to her about how babies grow in their mommy's tummy and then have to come out of their body to be born. Not exactly a pretty process. Beautiful miracle? Absolutely! But pretty? Not so much. Lol! :-)


  10. Lisa Weidknecht

    Oh she is so cute!!!! Congratulations on being a vB featured member!

    • Rosann

      Thank you for the sweet comment, Lisa! I appreciate your visit.


  11. Kristy@Kristy's Place

    Happy belated birthday to your sweet Abby. This post was beautiful. Congrats on being a featured member. :)

    • Rosann

      Thank you Kristy! :-)

  12. Erin Patrick

    Abby is absolutely beautiful. I can't picture her throwing a temper tantrum! ;0) I have an Abbie too! Being from Pgh, I'm also a rabid Steelers fan! We have so much in common! I always love reading your encouraging uplifting words. So glad we "met"!!
    Love you!

    • Rosann

      Thank you Erin. You can't picture her throwing a temper tantrum, but you are a mom too, so you know all too well how the cutest of kids can fool outsiders with their adorable looks. But behind closed doors with mommy and daddy, they let the true preschooler emotions out. Lol! I'm pretty sure my dad thinks I'm lying when I tell him she throws tantrums. She does! Really!

      I totally thought of you when I added the Steelers photo. I figured you'd get a kick out of it and well...tis the season, right?

      I'm so glad we met too. You are a huge blessing to me!

      Love you too,

  13. christine (lulobird)

    i WUV that! precious, honest and beautiful!

  14. Taylor

    Oh my goodness! She is beautiful!
    Congratulations on being a featured member this week on VBoks!

  15. Keesha

    Congrats on being a featured member on VB!
    My son turns 3 tomorrow, 11/21! Happy 3rd belated to your sweet, adorable little Abigail.

  16. Cookie's Mom

    Happy birthday, Abby (love that name)! You have a beautiful family, Rosann.

    Congratulations also on being a Voiceboks featured member! :)

  17. Gina

    Okay, so I'm a little late to the game, but Happy Belated Birthday to Abby! She sounds like a riot. I'm not sure if it's Second Child Syndrome or not, but my daughter sounds like a kindred spirit. Spicy, determined. I love it, even when it drives me crazy.

    Congrats on being a vB Featured Member!

  18. Christina

    Awww! Beautiful post to your little girl! She sure is adorable. My daughter was just as spunky, and now at 10, full of drama and emotions. Hang on for the ride!

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