How To Get Rid Of Cabbage Looper’s

Last week my broccoli plant looked healthy and beautiful.   This week, it looks like this:

What on earth is eating my broccoli leaves?

Apparently, these little critters are.


For some reason The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle is coming to mind.  :)  Is it just me?

Anyway... after doing some research with the University of Google this morning, here's what I know about them.  They are called Cabbage Looper's and they are the most destructive little pests in a veggie garden.

Better Homes and Gardens had a helpful article on how to stop Cabbage Looper's.   Here are a few of their suggestions.    My favorite is the first option.

Attract Beneficial Insects:

Planting flowers, such as marigolds, calendula, sunflower, daisy, alyssum, or dill nearby can attract beneficial insects that attack and kill Cabbage Loopers and Cabbage Butterflies.

  • I don't have any dill planted but do have room for it, so this weekend I'll be on the lookout for some dill.  I also love daisies.

Hand Picking:

You can easily keep small populations of Cabbage Loopers under control by picking the insects off the plants and dropping them into a bucket of soapy water.

  • Um…no thank you!  Picking worms off a leaf isn't really for me.  It was challenging enough for me to hold the leaf with my fingers to take the picture!   {shiver}


Spraying Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) on plants can help. Bt is a naturally occurring bacterial disease that only attacks caterpillars. Many vegetable gardeners consider Bt an organic product.

  • Okay, this I would consider, but where do I find it?  And it won't make my kids grow any extra toes, right?   Oh wait...what am I's broccoli.  Very doubtful they'll consume any of it anyway, unless of course I strategically hide it in their meal or in a smoothie.

Have you had to deal with this problem in your veggie garden?  What do you suggest?


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