Getting To Know Your Spouse (Again…)

A strong marriage is a solid foundation for a healthy, happy family.  But let's face it, life gets hectic!

Between children, finances, long hours at work, and other daily responsibilities or stresses, the honeymoon quickly fades.  Before long we're staring at the person in bed next to us wondering when all the snuggling and spooning stopped.

And why it stopped?!

Hello...exhaustion anyone?

Intentionally Reconnect

For many couples, finding time to have a ten minute conversation that isn't interrupted by sibling battles, the telephone ringing, or some other distraction is a daily challenge.

Even after the kids are in bed, it's easier and often more appealing to plop down on the couch and lose ourselves in the latest reality TV show than to put forth the physical energy it would take to have sex.   Or the mental energy it would take to listen to stories of our spouse's day.

It's not that we're trying to be mean, it's just that we're emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted.  Plain and simple.

Still, we need to intentionally reconnect with our spouse.  Doing so is good and healthy for both parties involved.  It's also a way of rejoicing in the God given gift of having our spouse to share life with.

Relationships that aren't nurtured eventually fizzle away.

Everyone wants to feel loved, desired, and special.  You and your spouse are no different.   A marriage that works well is one that is regularly nurtured with conversation, dates, intimacy, and romance.

Friends, our spouse needs to be a priority.

So I want to challenge you to treat your spouse to a date this weekend.

To inspire you, I've put together this handy little printable filled with some fun date ideas and conversation starter questions that will help you reconnect with and get to know your spouse (again).

To make things interesting, print a copy.  There are two per page, so you can cut the sheet in half once you print it.  Have your spouse fill out the answers he thinks you would say about yourself.   Then you fill out the answers you believe your spouse would say.  Sort of like The Newlywed Game.  :)  Have fun!!


To download and print out this fun marital challenge, click on the link below.

 Getting To Know Your Spouse

Wishing you marital bliss this weekend and always!




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