Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

I have three daughters. They are 25, 8, and 5.

This list is based on gifts I've either given one of them recently or plan to give in the near future. Hopefully some of these ideas will be helpful or inspiring as you determine the perfect gift for your daughter.

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Gift Ideas for Your Daughter Age 3-6


A totally cute sound machine to help her sleep: Cloud b Sleep On the Go Travel Sound Machine. My daughters both had this adorable little guy by the bedside to help them drift off to sleep each night when they were younger. We referred to him as "Lamby."

Because sometimes she wants to be the teacher: Pretend & Play School Set. This has been one of our most used play sets! It's seriously cute and such a hit with little girls.

Every little girl loves to listen to music and feel like she's a big girl: Apple iPod Shuffle.

Okay, I know some of you ...

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30 Days of Christmas Fun

30 Days of Christmas Fun


Tis the season to be jolly!

Here are 30 Days of Christmas Fun you can enjoy with your loved ones:

1.  Bake Christmas cookies together.

Some of our favorites are homemade frosted cut-out sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread man cookies, snicker doodles, and peanut butter blossoms.

2.  Deck the Halls.

Have a family Christmas decorating party. I love looking at the ornaments and decorating the tree with our daughters. We turn on the Christmas music, enjoy hot chocolate and talk about the significance of the ornaments as they come out of the storage container.

3.  Go sledding!

Grab the sled and go find a fun sledding hill in your neighborhood, or better yet, do an online search for local tubing hot spots. There's one in our area we will definitely be trying out this Christmas season.

4.  Build a Snowman.

Actually, build a Snow Family. Don't forget the carrot noses, buttons for the eyes, some twigs for arms and a few scarfs and hats. Don't forget to take a picture. If you get plenty of snow early enough ...

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Thank You, God, for Giving us the Ability to Touch Life Around us, and Feel Touch in Return

Thank You, God, for Giving us the Ability to Touch Life Around us, and Feel Touch in Return


His hand touches my hand, and I feel safe.

His lips press passionate with hunger against my lips, and I feel loved.

Her little hand tugs at my pant leg, then wraps tightly around my fingers, and I feel needed.

When my sweet girl pulls near for a hug, my mama fingers instinctively touch and tousle little ringlets of brown hair and ribbon.

When I'm chilly, I reach for a blanket touching it's velvety softness.

In the bathtub, I touch water and instantly feel calm, relaxed.

In the summer, my hands dig into rich garden soil, God's earth, and I feel empowered by His Spirit.

And in the snow, my hands feel cold and wet as they tightly form a ball between them, releasing it into the sound of squeals and giggles.



Can you imagine a life without touch? A life without feeling your lover's skin or your daughter's hug?

What if we never experienced the feeling of bread dough underneath our kneading hands, or the goo of pumpkin guts that cause so many "ewes and ahhhs" ...

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Thank You, God, for All Things COLD! Brrr…

Thank You, God, for All Things COLD! Brrr…


My husband still teases me about our honeymoon.

We flew to Curacao, 37 miles north of the Venezuelan coast. It was beautiful caribbean bikini weather, and there I was in a sweater. Cold. Running a fever, actually.

I’m one of those people who knows I’m running a fever because I get the chills so bad nothing seems to help me warm up. It must have been the stress of planning a wedding that knocked my immune system out of whack, because as we sat in the Admiral’s Club waiting for our connecting flight, the sneezing, coughing, snot-running-like-a-faucet, and chills hit me fast and hard.

We enjoyed our week in the caribbean, but a good chunk of that time I spent snuggled under warm blankets with a Vicks Vapor Rub coated towel wrapped around my neck. Sexy! Lol!

I had a good excuse for feeling cold during my honeymoon. But even now, back in the normal day to day life I live, I’m frequently cold. My daughter even teases me for always being so cold. I can't help it. I ...

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Thank You, God, for the Gift of Time

Thank You, God, for the Gift of Time


Oh, how I hated that 3 hour commute.

Years ago when we lived in Southern California, I was analyzing credit bureaus and underwriting car loans for a living. We had chosen to buy a home in a family friendly neighborhood 52 miles away from the office.

The result was a very long commute to work. 1 1/2 hours each way, to be exact, and that was only if there weren't any accidents on the road. So I spent 3 hours, 5 days per week, 52 weeks per year sitting in my car on the I-15 freeway. (This was commute time. Not time my employer paid me for.)

If you do the math, that equates to roughly 780 hours of my life every year sitting behind a steering wheel staring at a crazy person in the car next to me shaving their face, reading on their Kindle or chattering away on the phone.

That’s 32 1/2 DAYS per year! Of crazy...

To add to the stress, in the Fall when we would fall back an hour, it would be dark ...

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Thank You, God, For the Food We Have Available to Eat

Thank You, God, For the Food We Have Available to Eat

~ 30 Days of Shining With an Attitude of Gratitude ~



“Sweetheart, please eat your food.”

She stalls.

She kicks her legs.

She falls off her chair and quickly squirms back in place.

“Stop playing and eat your meal.”

“I don’t like it.”

“It’s good for you. Besides there are kids all over the world who are starving. Be grateful you have food in front of you to eat.”

She sits for a moment pondering…

“Why are they starving? Did their mom make broccoli too?”

This is an actual conversation I had with my daughter about a year ago. She had just turned 4. I'll admit her response did make me giggle, but I was totally frustrated with her for not eating. The food fight is a constant issue around here, as I’m sure many of you can relate.

And here’s my “when I was a kid” story.

My single mom didn’t have a lot of money to spend on food and she certainly didn’t have a lot of free time to make something everyone would ...

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Thank You, God, for Giving Me a Family to Love

Thank You, God, for Giving Me a Family to Love

~ 30 Days of Shining With an Attitude of Gratitude ~

Get in the car.

Get out of the car.

Get in the car.

Get out of the car.

Do you ever feel like that's all you do, anymore?

It adequately describes what my days have been like lately. The last quarter of the year is always so unbelievably busy for our family.

The schedule is packed full of preschool drop offs and pick ups, school parades and programs, staggered ballet and gymnastics classes, youth club drop offs and pick ups, birthday parties to attend and birthday parties to plan, big school projects to work on with the kids, trips to the grocery store, trips to the gym, trips to the dry cleaners, trips to the gas station, and so so so much more.

At home, there's laundry and housekeeping, helping with homework, fetching snacks and drinks, planning and preparing meals, cleaning up after those meals, getting kids bathed and ready for bed or for their day, answering phone calls from extended family members, baking a gazillion cupcakes ...

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Favorite Harvest Time Traditions

Favorite Harvest Time Traditions

For my family, this time of year is about the changing of seasons and fun traditions.

We celebrate Harvest because I absolutely love the Fall season, and pumpkins, and I’m particularly fond of pumpkin spice flavored coffee! I also love the beautiful Fall colors, the changing of the leaves, the cooler temperatures allowing me to reach for my favorite sweaters and boots, and did I mention pumpkin spice coffee?

Family traditions are pretty important to me. I don't want my kids looking back on their childhood one day thinking, "we never did anything fun or meaningful as a family," so hubby and I try really hard to make our family time together special.

Yesterday was one such day. We had our annual Family Fall Party. In years past, we've invited friends and their children over to join us for the fun, but this year we opted to keep things simple - just us. If you've followed my blog for any amount of time or know me personally, you know we've been through a pretty emotional 12 months. As ...

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Thank You, God, for the Gift of Motherhood

Thank You, God, for the Gift of Motherhood

~30 Days of Shining With an Attitude of Gratitude~


She smiles.

She frowns.

She squeals in delight.

She cries out in fear.

Thank You, God, for the gift of motherhood!

My beautiful daughters simply amaze me.

In every emotion, there is beauty. Striking beauty. So many people tell me they’re little mini-me versions of me. What a compliment!

What a gift it has been to give birth to them, to love them and teach them, to watch them grow, and to know intimately their inner beauty, their sweet sweet souls.

I love listening to them tell me a story of something that happened during the day, or describe an experience they had with a friend.

I look at them and fall in love with the freckles, the sparkle in their eyes, and the adorable crazy curls. They make me smile and when we smile together, God’s love and His light shines bright.

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

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My ‘Real Mothers’ Interview at The Bliss Full Nest

My ‘Real Mothers’ Interview at The Bliss Full Nest

Hey y'all!

Okay, well I'm not really from the South but I do love how everyone there talks.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited to share with you a recent interview I had done over at Bliss Full Nest website.

I love their tagline!

Real Mothers. Honest truths of trials, mishaps, and what really works. 

Don't you love that?

So I'm featured over there today answering some fun (and some hard) questions like:

  • How do you think technology has affected motherhood?
  • How do you celebrate birthdays and holidays?
  • What are some helpful hints you would give future moms?
  • Is there anything that you feel you could have done better as a parent? 

...and more!

I'd love for you to check it out!

Rosann's Bliss Full Nest Interview

Blessings friends!







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