The Truth About Stubborn Pride

Stubborn pride.  I don't know about you, but these two words describe a handful of people I love.  Little stings my heart more than a loved one refusing my assistance because of their stubborn pride.  Unfortunately, I'm all too often guilty of doing the same to others who try to help me.  I suppose the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to taking on family traits.

What about you?  Are you or is someone you know filled with a little too much pride, making it a dramatic ordeal when a member of the body of Christ offers a gift of love or performs an act of kindness?

What happens when the smoothness of life one day comes to an end?  Being Christian doesn't mean we'll be free from heartache or life trials.  At some time or another, we all find ourselves in less than ideal situations, even those where we have no choice but to ask for, or at the very least, accept help from others.

Illness happens, knocking you into doctor prescribed bed rest.  How will you care for your home, handle meals, or get the kids to soccer practice?  

An unexpected job layoff results in lack of money to pay this month's rent?  There are no other promising job opportunities at the moment and you have a family to take care of.  What are you going to do?

A tragic death in the family leaves you emotionally paralyzed.  Before you know it, everything else in life becomes a chaotic mess.  It's overwhelming and you don't know where or how to begin fixing it. 

Divorce results in life as a single parent.  How will you be both mom and dad to your children when the other parent lives so far away or is otherwise absent.  How will you juggle raising good kids with the responsibility of working full time?

None of us want to feel like we have to depend on others for the things we need - be it love, money, time, or wisdom.  After all, we are grownups.  Our parents raised us to be creative, problem solving, self-sufficient, determined adults.  Therefore we should be able to handle our needs on our own, right?   In fact, some people {maybe you} have always trudged through life alone, knowing no other way.

How do we cope with these difficult situations?

Or better yet, how should we respond when we need help?

Are we supposed to put giant walls of pride up around ourselves, being martyrs to our circumstances?

I'm an honest, hard working person.  I'll just get a 2nd job. 

I'll figure out something. 

I don't need help.  I'm perfectly capable all on my own? 

I don't want to owe anything to anyone?

I don't need your money.  I'll find another way.  

Sound familiar?

Let's remember, giving is considered an act of love, not an act of pity.

When someone offers to help us in our time of need, regardless of what kind of help it is, they are doing so out of love.  They are doing so because it's the right thing to do.  They are doing so because that's what being a Christian is all about.  It's about God's command to love others.

Friend, God is using that person as a tool to pour His blessing onto us.  And instead of lovingly accepting His blessing, we are proudly beating our chests as we proclaim "I don't need it."

The bottom line:  Pride is a sin.  God wants us to have a humble heart.  He wants us to recognize we can't do this thing called life, without Him. 

When we let our stubborn pride control our decisions or our words, it's not much different than taking personal credit for the successes or all the wonderful things we do have.  We aren't showing gratitude nor are we giving God the glory for what He has done for us.

Yes, I said it.  What HE has done for us.

We need to look around at our countless blessings.  We didn't create those on our own.  God is responsible for them.  Not us.

I know!  It's a tough nut to swallow.  The truth is painful.  We don't mean to be disrespectful to the gifts God is trying to give us.   We simply don't want to be a burden to others.

God didn't create us to march through life alone.  He created us {a part of the body of Christ} for His glory.   So when we openly accept love and help from our family and friends, we are embracing an opportunity to give God the glory He deserves instead of snuffing our noses at His blessings.

Let's choose to give God the glory.

Open your arms friend.  Receive God's blessing with gratitude and a humble heart.

We need Him.  We need the body of Christ.

Let's go forward saying No to pride and Yes, Please to gifts of love.


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